Les Sonneurs de Flustes

Founded in Basel in 2010, the Renaissance flute consort 'Les Sonneurs de Flustes' comprises four outstanding musicians from all over Europe, and is one of the few ensembles that specialise in the performance of Renaissance dance music and polyphony on these instruments. Its members are actively involved in the international early music scene, and they have collaborated with ensembles such as La Petite Bande, Les Musiciens du Louvre, Les Talens Lyriques, Collegium Vocale, Ensemble Elyma and Il Desiderio.

Highly esteemed for their historically-informed approach, pure tone and skilled improvisation, 'Les Sonneurs de Flustes' aim for a homogeneous ensemble sound, enchanting audiences with their virtuosity and musical creativity.

The ensemble works in close collaboration with the renowned early flute maker Martin Wenner (Germany), and plays on copies of Renaissance flutes held in the collection of the Biblioteca Capitolare of Verona in Italy. The name 'Les Sonneurs de Flustes' takes its inspiration from a description of the musical events which accompanied the marriage celebrations of Charles VIII of France and Anne of Brittany in 1491.
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